– Guilty Lil’ Pleasures –

When I first decided to blog, I thought to myself: “Fuck it; I’m gonna make a blog, and just wing it; see what happens.” I created this blog out of boredom. I figured that I could just write whatever came to mind, whenever I felt like writing something. However,after my last POST, I realized that one should blog what they know about. I may not know all about Sports (but I do know a few things about Baseball and Basketball), nor do I know all about Science or Geography (not my niche); if there is one thing that I do know and I have some experience in, it’s knocking boots / fuckin porkin SEX.

Now, I’m not going to say I’m a veteran at sex (I am definitely no Dr. Ruth), I have had quite some experiences, a few sexcapades, lots of fun, plenty of orgasms, and I sold sex toys for a living (which I definitely need to get back on ASAP). I’ve offered my advice, have given tips, and have helped people out with their sex lives. So why not blog about that? Sex is everyone’s Guilty Lil’ Pleasure. – You know it is; who doesn’t enjoy sex?

So, without any further adieu, I present to you: Sex, Toys, Rock && Roll

Take a look into my mind, my thoughts and my opinions about sex; and which pretty cool toys every female (and COUPLE) should own. 🙂

( **Disclaimer: Above picture is not mine nor was it created by me; but it’s pretty dope, and gave me the name for my blog. 🙂 )


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