27 Little, Quick Habits You Can Pick Up To Live A Better Life

Thought Catalog



1. Open your chest, stand up straight, walk with authority. No slouching!

2. Don’t fidget!

3. Take a deep breath, and slow down. The faster your speech and higher your voice, the more nervous you seem.

4. Stop second-guessing yourself. Get out of your head, man!

5. Repeat after me: I am worth your time.

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Managing Stress

6. Deep breathing exercises to calm your mind.

7. Walk around for a little bit — it helps clear your mind.

8. Talk to someone you trust. They can guide you and relieve that stress!

9. Place a warm heat wrap around your neck. (I fill up an old sock — clean, of course — with rice and tie off the end. I heat it in the microwave for about a minute and place it on my neck. It’s very soothing. Add lavender for extra effect.)

10. Sit…

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