Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke. TI. Pharrell. Need I say more?!
Oh Yeah- This is the unrated version. Makes it even better! Love this song. 🙂


Piece of Green

Tonight’s Piece of Green: Embark on your journey. No matter how big or small, how scary it may seem; let go of all  those worries/insecurities and just GO. You never know how far you will make it if you continue to worry about the “what if’s”. Confidence will take you further than you’ve EVER imagined. Be true to you, and watch your spirit soar.

Melanie Fiona – Bad (Cover)

If there are two things I’m a fan of, it’s the following: Covers, and Melanie Fiona. So naturally, when she covered Wale’s “Bad”, I was instantly HOOKED. Homegirl can sing!

The Bodega Chronicles


This had made it’s way over the net but I couldn’t stop from posting this myself. I am really diggin how she just hummed, snapped and harmonized a beat lol…She got it in…

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Currently: Frustrated

Temptations are a bitch.

I don’t do well with temptations because I ALWAYS give in to them, no matter what they are. It could be because of my personality; it could be because I don’t have much self control.. or it could be because I just really like giving into the temptation (It’s always sooo good). Who knows.

My most recent run in with Mr. Temptation happened a few weeks ago over some drinks with a friend. ( Well OF COURSE there’d be drinks involved; why would I have even debated this otherwise? ) Hours of conversation, plenty of laughs and a few good drinks led me right into this temptation trap.

I will say that I haven’t fully given in yet – Kudos to Me –, but this, to me, is like eating one of my coworkers delicious home baked chocolate chip cookies. You tell yourself “Okay, I’m only going to eat one.”, but there you are, four cookies later. Satisfied as all hell, but wondering if eating those cookies was worth it.

How the hell do you guys go about resisting temptations? I’d really like to know.

Blue Jeans (Acoustic)

I’m a HUGE fan of anything Acoustic. I think a lot of songs are actually better when done acoustically. This happens to be one of them.

Her lyrics.. her voice.. her style. Love.

“You went out every night, And baby that’s alright; I told you that no matter what you did I’d be by your side; Cause I’ma ride or die, Whether you fail or fly; Well shit at least you tried…”